Announcing …

PSALM’s West Coast
Liturgical Singing Seminar 2011
Early Will I Seek You – A Study of Matins

Friday and Saturday, February 11 – 12, 2011
St Seraphim Orthodox Church,
Santa Rosa, Ca 95407

PSALM’s Liturgical Singing Seminar provides participants from all Orthodox traditions to come together to grow musically, liturgically, and spiritually in our common ministry of liturgical singing. For more information about PSALM and its mission. Subject matter and practica will be pertinent to choir directors, singers, chanters, and clergy.

Featured Speakers:

  • Mark Bailey
  • Nicolas Craig Custer
  • Fr. Martin (Gardner)
  • Alice Hughes
  • Fr. Stephen Meholick
  • Anne Schoepp

Hosted by St Seraphim Orthodox Church
90 Mountain View Avenue,
Santa Rosa, Ca 95407

Church phone: 707 584 9491

Full payment of $100 must be received by February 4, 2011.
One-day-only registration is $50.
After completing online registration, mail your registration fee to:

2030 N. Pacific #433
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060

Meals provided on Friday and Saturday: breakfast, lunch and dinner
No refunds will be made after February 4, 2011

Register online

For additional information call or e-mail:
Anne Schoepp (831) 336-3019 or schoepp6@cruzio.com

Topics include:

  • Festal, Sunday and Daily Matins: An Overview and Comparison
  • Developing Matins Services in the Parish Setting
  • Liturgical Texts that are Homilies
  • Understanding and Improving Vocal Intonation
  • Singing Session 1: Music and Structure of Sunday Matins
  • Singing Session 2: Music and Structure of Festal Matins
  • Voicing Music for Small Groups
  • Finale